I learned that limericks have lots of rules, and take a while to write. For me at least. Here is one that I wrote!


There once was a pool

Right by the grade school

Well someone went poop

and caused a great loop

Get out of the pool!


My favorite quote


My favorite quote is “If size mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle.” That is my favorite quote because it says that just because the lion isn’t the biggest in the jungle doesn’t mean the lion is not the king of the jungle. It is also my favorite quote because I am small and I like to use that on people that say I am small.

English Social Problem


Guinea worm disease/ infection

Guinea worm disease is a disease where a parasite inserts your body, lays eggs, and dies. The bad thing is that the eggs are worms that can get up to 4ft long. The good thing is that this disease can not kill you. It causes a lot of pain but does not kill you. This is a problem around the world because the disease keeps on spreading and people don’t have the right treatment for this disease. After the worm is there for a little while, it starts to come out. The worm coming out creates a blister where it is coming out. The only way to relive the burning sensation it gives is to go into water. Before the Carter Center came along, nobody knew that when you go into the water the worm comes out and lays a bunch of parasite eggs in the water. It’s just like when a baby poops he doesn’t know it’s gonna fall on the carpet. To stop this, the carter center made fundraisers to help donate to guinea worm eradication(removal). Many Americans went out and helped out in Africa to give fresh water, build wells, and help get the guinea worms out. Since that guinea worm disease is almost gone, I think that the only thing more people can do is donate just in case this disease comes back. I remember when my dad stayed up several nights till 4 in the morning with his team trying to design a tool that will filter the parasites from entering the peoples body’s. When guinea worm disease is gone this will be a very big accomplishment.